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Another action-packed hit game developed by Habby, Archero embarks the player (who’s an archer, by the way) on a journey to defeat all the forces of evil that have manifested in multiple dungeons and worlds. Controlling your character is easy; you move your joystick to move, running along the levels and avoiding any danger you come across. You need to have decent reflexes to dodge the enemy’s quick attacks. One gameplay mechanic you need to be aware of is that your character stops in their tracks whenever you use your bow, leaving you more vulnerable to attacks. You can upgrade your gear using our Archero Hack to make the gameplay easier if you find yourself struggling.

In-Game Currency For Archero

You play the game by expending energy. Each round will use up 5 of your energy and don’t worry too much if you run out, because it replenishes itself after 12 minutes. You gain levels the more rounds you play, where each chapter you finish will net you XP points. Dying during a chapter will also give you XP, but not as much as you will get during a successful run. As you level up, your talent’s can be upgraded to the next level.

Each realm you can play in also has levels you can raise. You do this by collecting coins that you get by grinding stages. Each realm can have a maximum level of 11. The game using coins as its currency, and you mainly get them by defeating enemies. You only get the bulk of the coins after you beat every enemy and finish the stage. Coins can be used to improve your gear or your character’s talents. You can also improve them for free using our latest Archero Hack Tool.

Talents improve your character’s combat ability. Every succeeding upgrade for your talents will cost you more and more coins, and you will eventually have to grind for hours to get the amount you need. You can bypass the long and boring grind sessions if you use our hack tool.

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Gear is an integral part of the gameplay, and you acquire them through random enemy drops or by purchasing some from the mysterious vendor. You also have the chance of getting some whenever you open an Obsidian or Golden Chest. Every gear has its own set of stats and abilities. Your character has 4 gear slots- armor, weapons, spirits, and rings. Every character can wear up to 6 gear pieces.

You increase the damage you deal by improving your gear through coins. Get them by farming on different levels, buying them with actual cash, or you can use our Archero Cheats.

Another quick way to get coins is by using trying your luck at the wheel spin you get every chapter after you finish chapter 1. We recommend that you use your coins to improve your talents first because these are permanent. Remember that succeeding upgrades will cost you more coins, so be sure to spend them wisely. As you might have noticed, coins are an important part of the gameplay aspect of Archero. If you find yourself quickly running out of coins, and you just don’t have the time to grind the levels for them, you can use our Archero Hack Online to help you out. This way, you can improve all your gear, talents, and other essentials without spending hours repeating the same levels again and again.

Ways To Level Your Character

Whenever you level up, you have the option of choosing from 3 skills that will improve your character. These skills are temporary and will vanish at the end of your run. Every power-up has its own pros and cons, so be sure to choose the ones that fit your play style best. Eventually, choosing the best skills will become like a second-nature to you.

Gear is another way of improving your character’s combat abilities, so you should constantly be working on upgrading them as much as you can. You can also use the perk system (which is initially locked) to raise your power levels for a run. Granted, the improvements obtained from this are pretty minor, but every little power increase helps. Many players make the mistake of buying coins with their money just to improve their gear or talents, but you can just get coins for no charge by using our up-to-date Archero Hack Apk.


Archero is no doubt, an fantastic game to have on your mobile game collection. Controlling your character is very intuitive and effortless. The gameplay itself is addicting and always offers a moderate amount of challenge so you won’t get bored even if you have fully decked-out gears and talents. The one qualm we have about the game is its energy system. You have to wait quite a while to have it regenerate, or you have to spend real-life money to replenish it just to continue playing.

If you want to keep on playing without having to worry about your energy levels, you can simply use the Archero Generator that we have developed. This way, you can get as much energy as you want without the need to spend a lot!